If you suspect that someone is using your idCAT Certificate, revoke it .

It is advisable to follow the following measures to avoid improper use of the idCAT Certificate:

Protect the idCAT Certificate with a PIN (Private Key)

Protecting the certificate with a PIN (private key) means that every time you want to use it, the system will ask for a password. To do this, during the idCAT Certificate installation wizard, you have the option to enable secure private key protection as shown in the image below:

Select the option to enable secure private key protection

Once the previously discussed option is checked, if you continue the wizard you will reach the "Finish" button and then the following screen will appear, where you must click on "Security level".

On the next screen mark "Alt" and continue the wizard.

Finally, indicate the code you want to use for certificate usage and finish the import wizard. The certificate is already protected with a PIN. 

VERY IMPORTANT : You will not be able to recover this PIN, because it is a code between you and your computer. Enter a secure code that no one can figure out, but that is easy to remember.

You must do this every time you install the idCAT Certificate on a new device .

Do not download or use it in a newsroom or other place with shared computers

The idCAT certificate is a tool that allows you to do procedures as a citizen, if you download it or use it on a public computer anyone with access to your certificate file could impersonate your identity, and the resulting legal consequences of this action would correspond to you as the holder of the certificate.

If you do, make sure to uninstall the certificate and delete the installable file (if you've saved it on your computer) after you stop using it .

Do not let someone else use your idCAT Certificate

The digital certificate is personal and non-transferable, so leaving it for a third party to use, for example a manager or a family member, implies that they are acting on your behalf and impersonating you.

The legal consequences of this practice rest with the certificate holder (ie you). Therefore, it is important that you are careful and do not let anyone use it.