Revocation is necessary if the holder of the idCAT Certificate suspects or is certain that a third party has access to their certificate. This action involves total disqualification and permanent cancellation of the certificate.

The revocation of a idCAT Certificate can be done in different ways:

from home

From home you can revoke the idCAT Certificate through the Revocation section of the page. To make the revocation, the management code will be necessary.


Fill in the data requested by the form. If you do not remember the Management Code (Password) you can recover it using the link at the bottom of the page or directly at the following url 


Click Certificate Revocation.

A screen like the one below will appear indicating that your revocation request has been successfully completed. This means that your idCAT Certificate is already listed as revoked.


If you need to obtain a new idCAT Certificate you can do so from any idCAT Registration Entity, you will find the steps in Request for the idCAT Certificate .

From the Registration Entity idCAT

You can revoke the idCAT Certificate at any idCAT Registration Entity.

If you need to obtain a new idCAT Certificate, you can request it from the Registration Entity once the current idCAT has been revoked.