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What documentation do I need to obtain the idCAT?

To obtain the idCAT, according to Law 6/2020, of November 11, and the conditions of use of the service , all you need to do is:

NOTES on identification documents:

  • To issue the idCAT Certificate, only the identification documents listed in the previous list are accepted.
  • Foreigners can prove their NIE number by providing the following documents:
    • TIE: in addition to the NIE, it has a photograph and is therefore used to issue the idCAT with this card. Keep in mind that according to the applicable regulations, the validity of the TIE card is extended until the resolution of the request for extension, as long as the renewal has been requested up to 90 days after its expiry and is pending the issuance of the corresponding resolution (Regulation for the development of the Organic Law on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain).
    • Certificate of registration of a citizen of the European Union: it is necessary to provide another official document with a photograph (for example passport or DNI of the country of origin).
  • The administrations have configured their applications to allow electronic processing with the certificates made with NIF and NIE; however, it is not usual for them to allow access with certificates issued from a passport or ID card from other countries. The procedures that can be carried out independently of the accrediting document contained in the certificate are those that have nothing to do with public administration, such as, for example, the signing of documents.

Models of identification documents

The DNI certifies the identity of the holder, as well as the Spanish nationality of the same.

National identity documents from any of the member countries of the Schengen agreement are also accepted

The foreigner's identity card (TIE) is a physical document that certifies the legal residence of a foreigner in Spain.

Certificate of Registration of Citizens of the European Union.

Document that accredits the registration of citizens of the Union in the Central Register of Foreigners.

This document must always be accompanied by a document with a photograph, ID or Passport


personal identification document with international validity, which identifies its holder, issued by the authorities of a country.

How do I apply for the idCAT online?

To obtain the idCAT, you must always go to an idCAT Registration Entity to validate your identity (find yours by clicking here ). When you go there they will ask you for the original and a photocopy of your identification document.

However, beforehand, you can request it online to make the process faster. To make the request, go to .

Keep in mind that:

  • The "Data on the certificate" must be the same as on your identification document
  • It is not necessary for the "Contact details" to be the same as in your identification document
  • It is not mandatory to indicate the telephone number
  • The "Security data" is used so that you can suspend the certificate if necessary
How do I apply for the idCAT in person?

To obtain the idCAT, you must always go to an idCAT Registration Entity to validate your identity (find yours by clicking here ). When you go there they will ask you for the original and a photocopy of your identification document.

Keep in mind that:

  • An email address is required. It is the email from which you can send signed emails, to which you will receive notices of certificate expiration (60 and 30 days before it expires) and to which you may receive some informational communication, directly related to the use of the certificate, as explained in the Appearance Document that you will sign when you obtain the certificate. In any case, the AOC Consortium does not use the e-mail of the digital certificates to send advertising of any kind.
  • The physical address is not data that is included inside the certificate, so it does not have to match the one on your identification document. In any case, the contact details that are indicated at the time of obtaining the idCAT have a purely informative purpose. The AOC Consortium, therefore, does not use your physical address for any kind of shipment.
How can I get the idCAT if I am abroad?

According to the Electronic Signature Law , to obtain a recognized certificate (such as the idCAT) the physical presence of the holder at an office issuing the certificate is necessary.

In the case of idCAT, all idCAT Registration Entities are in Catalan territory. The same law establishes that the only case in which the obtaining of the idCAT can be delegated is when the user makes a request and it is notarized .

Apart from this case, it is not possible to issue the idCAT without going in person to an idCAT Registration Entity.