To obtain the idCAT Certificate, you must always go to a idCAT Registration Entity to request the certificate and validate your identity. To do so, they will ask you for the original of your identification document. If you prove your identity with your passport or ID from another country, you will also need to bring a photocopy of it.

Once at the Registration Entity:

    1. The operator will scan your ID for validate the issuance of your idCAT Certificate.
    2. You will have to define a personal code : this code is non-transferable, and therefore only you as the holder of the idCAT Certificate can know it. For this reason, the operator will provide you with the keyboard so that you can define this code yourself, thus guaranteeing that no one else knows it. It is important to remember it because it will be essential to download the idCAT certificate
    3. You will have to indicate one personal e-mail address where you will receive notices of certificate expiration (60 and 30 days before it expires) and where you may receive any informational communication related to the use of the certificate , as explained in the Appearance Document that you will sign when you get the certificate. The AOC Consortium does not use the e-mail of the digital certificates for sending advertising of any kind.
    4. The operator will provide you with the delivery slip so that you can sign it and have a copy. This sheet contains the management code, which together with the personal code will allow you to download the idCAT certificate. You will receive the same information in your personal email.

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