For any doubt or incident that is not related to digital identification, you must contact the responsible administration:

If you have doubts or issues with identification using the idCAT Certificate, you can consult:

What is the role of the AOC Consortium in the process?

The AOC Consortium provides the tools to identify you when processing electronically with the Catalan administrations: the idCAT Certificate, the idCAT Mobile, the e-TRAM and the VÀLid, which is an application that allows you to identify yourself with different electronic means (digital certificates, idCAT Mobile, cl@ve...).

Therefore, while you are processing with a Catalan administration, to identify yourself, you will go through the VÀLid page of the AOC Consortium.

However, the AOC is the provider of the electronic administration tools, but it does not manage and is not the recipient of the procedure you are doing . And it is for this reason that if you have doubts or incidents relating to the procedure, you must contact the responsible administration.