If you have any specific doubts about the online management or procedure you are carrying out , you will have to contact the organization with which you were doing it. Consult the web address of the electronic headquarters of the organizations of Catalonia to get in touch.

Remember that before using the idCAT Certificate you must download and install it on the device where you want to use it .

The idCAT Certificate is a digital identifier that is installed in the browser while guaranteeing your identity on the Internet and allows you to access the different procedures and management offered by many public administrations. It lasts for 4 years.

Once you have downloaded and installed the idCAT Certificate, the steps to use it are:

1. Access the procedure or online management you want to do from the website of the responsible body with which you want to do the processing. You can do the procedure from your computer, from your mobile phone or from a tablet, as long as you have the idCAT Certificate installed.

At the time of identification, this screen will appear:

2. Select the " digital certificate " option and click on the certificate with your name and issuer EC-Ciutadania.

You will be prompted for a password if you have protected the idCAT Certificate with a usage PIN during installation.

password example if you have protected the idCAT Certificate

Note: On Mac operating system, when using the idCAT certificate, you may be asked for your Mac login password (Private Key)

3 . Once done, you will access the procedure or online management and you can continue with the processing by following the steps of the responsible body:

example of procedure

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