Download and install

It is necessary to download key 1 and 2 , in order to verify that the certificates that arrive on our computer equipment have been issued by one of the certification authorities in the hierarchy of entities of the AOC Consortium.

Note : If you have an antivirus installed on your computer, it may not recognize the file type and display a security alert to confirm trust.

To download the two keys, use the following links:

1.- key of the certifying body of the AOC Consortium

2.- key of the citizen certification entity (download them by clicking here if your certificate was issued before April 9, 2015)

To install , follow the steps depending on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on Windows operating system

Note: These are the steps you must follow to download the keys, it is the same process and screens for both certificates.

Note: Once these files have been installed, if you use the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Edge browsers you can now use the idCAT certificate. See the note below for use cases with Firefox.

  • Mozilla Firefox on any operating system, Windows, Linux or MAC
    • Save the files to your hard drive.
    • Inside Firefox import the downloaded file by opening the options from the right side menu, Options > Advanced > Certificates > View certificates > Entities tab > Import > Select file
  • Safari and Google Chrome with MAC operating system
    • Save the files to your hard drive.
    • Double-click the downloaded file, and accept the installation in the certificate store.
    • In order for the idCAT certificate to be recognized as trusted, you must access MAC Keys - Certificates tab - double-click on the EC-ACC public key and click on the Get information menu and on this screen, in the Trust drop-down, mark Always trust ( the password asked on completion is your MAC password):

Access the Windows certificate store (Search bar –> “Manage user certificates”)

Access the “Trusted Root Certification Entities” folder –> Find the “EC-ACC” certificate and delete it

Access the "Intermediate certification entities" folder -> Search for the "EC-Ciudadania" certificate and delete it

Download the EC-ACC root certificate , install it and check that it is in the "Trusted Root Certification Entities" folder

Download the EC-citizenship intermediate certificate , install it and check that it is in the "Intermediate certification entities" folder

Verify that the personal certificates are in the "Personal" folder

Note: You will need to be a team administrator to perform the delete action.