The public keys are used to verify that the certificates that reach our computer equipment have been issued by one of the certification authorities in the hierarchy of entities of the AOC Consortium.

Most likely you will NOT need to do anything, modern equipment does not usually pose problems in this regard.

Download and install

To download the two public keys press the following links:

1.- key of the Certifying Entity of the AOC Consortium
2.- key of the Citizen Certification Entity

Depending on your browser , do the following installation steps:

  • Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows operating system:
    • Save the files to your computer.
    • Run both files by double clicking and follow the steps of the wizard.
  • Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Linux or MAC:
    • Save the files to your computer.
    • Inside Firefox import the downloaded file by opening the options from the right side menu, Settings> Privacy and Security > Certificates > Show certificates > Entities tab > Import > Select file. You will have to do this with each of the downloaded files.
  • Safari and Google Chrome on MAC
    • Save the files to your computer.
    • Double-click the downloaded file, and accept the installation in the certificate store.
    • For the idCAT certificate to be recognized as trustworthy, you must access MAC Keys - Certificates tab - double-click on the EC-ACC public key and click on the Get information menu and on this screen, in the "Trust" drop-down, mark " Always Trust" (the password asked on completion is your MAC password):



Note : If you have an antivirus installed on your computer, it may not recognize the file type and display a security alert to confirm trust.


To uninstall public keys in Windows follow these steps:

1. Access the Windows certificate store from the search bar –> “Manage user certificates”.

2. Next, go to the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” folder, find the “EC-ACC” certificate and delete it.

3. Access the "Intermediate certification entities" folder, search for the "EC-Ciutadania" certificate and delete it.

Note: You will need to be a team administrator to perform the delete action.