The most typical errors when downloading the idCAT Certificate are:

"No certificate was found with this data pending download"

Review the data entered:

  • Document type
  • Number
  • Document code
  • Personal code

Be careful with upper and lower case.

If the data entered is correct, you may have previously downloaded the idCAT Certificate (only one download is possible). In this case, we recommend you look at where your idCAT is .

"Your certificate has already been downloaded..."

This message indicates that the idCAT Certificate has already been downloaded (only one download is possible). We recommend you check where your idCAT is . Afterwards, you will need to install it to use it.

"The document code and/or personal code you entered are incorrect"

The document code is on the delivery slip and is a set of letters and numbers, check the upper and lower case.

The personal code cannot be recovered. To get a new one, you will need to go to the Registration Entity idCAT to request a new issue.

"Code 7002: Error contacting the CA"

Please try again later because there was a temporary connection problem.

"Error Code 2020"

This error appears when you are downloading the certificate and under any circumstances; kind of micro blackout or your antivirus has stopped it, the download is corrupted.

However, in some cases, you may find the file on your computer, otherwise, since the download cannot be repeated, you will need to request a reissue from a idCAT Registry Entity.

On the YouTube Channel of the idCAT you have the video of the download of the certificate.