The most typical errors when downloading the idCAT Certificate are:

No certificate pending download was found with this data

Review the data entered:

  • Type of identification document
  • Identity document number
  • Country of issue (in case of DNI from other countries and Passport)
  • Management code
  • Personal code

Be careful with upper and lower case.

If the data entered is correct, you may have previously downloaded the idCAT Certificate (only one download is possible). In this case, we recommend you look at where your idCAT is .

Your certificate has already been downloaded

This message indicates that the idCAT Certificate has already been downloaded (only one download is possible). We recommend you check where your idCAT is . Afterwards, you will need to install it to use it.

The code or password entered is invalid

To the Registration Entity, when you apply for the idCAT Certificate, they make you enter a personal code that only you know. This code cannot be retrieved. To get a new one, you will need to go to the Registration Entity idCAT to request a new issue.

The management code can be found on the delivery slip and in the email received with the instructions for downloading and installing the certificate. It's a character set, it's case-sensitive.

Note: If you got the idCAT certificate before September 13, 2023, you will find this code named " download code ".

There was an error issuing the certificate

This error can appear for several reasons. Contact us and we will review your specific case.

Your certificate could not be downloaded at this time

If you see this error, clear your browser's cookies and cache and try again.

If the error persists, try downloading with another browser or from private browsing to prevent the browser from replicating the error stored in memory.

Finally, try changing internet networks, for example by sharing data from your mobile.

If you are getting a different error while downloading and don't know how to fix it, please contact us to help you find the solution.

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