What do I do if there is an error downloading the idCAT?

The most typical errors when downloading the idCAT are:

"No certificate found pending download with this data" Check the data entered because any of the 4 (Type of document, number, document code and/or personal code) is incorrect. Be careful with upper and lower case.
"The document code and/or personal code you entered are incorrect" Check that you have not made a mistake when entering this data. Be careful with upper and lower case.

If you do not remember the personal code for downloading or how it was entered when the certificate was issued (upper or lower case), it cannot be recovered . You will need to request a new issuance of the certificate from the idCAT Registration Entity.

"Code 7002: Error contacting the CA" Please try again later because there was a temporary connection problem.
"Error Code 2020" The certificate has already been downloaded. If you do not have the .p12 file on your computer (for any micro power outage, you did not click save the file, or your antivirus stopped the download), since the operation cannot be repeated download, you will have to request the revocation of the idCAT and a new issue at the Registration Entity.
"The certificate was not generated from this machine" For security reasons, the idCAT can only be downloaded once. This error means you already downloaded it and are trying again. If you do not have the certificate on your computer, you will have to go to an idCAT Registration Entity to have your certificate revoked and reissued.

On the YouTube idCAT Channel ( www.youtube.com/user/idCATvideo ) you have the video of the download of the certificate: http://goo.gl/f9iOtr .

Downloading the idCAT certificate is an essential requirement to use it. You have 90 days and 10 attempts to do so. If you do not do so within the indicated period, you will not be able to complete the operation, and you will have to go to an idCAT Registration Entity to request the issuance of a new certificate.

Remember that the document code appears on the appearance document and in the email you received when the certificate was issued. You entered the personal code when you were issued the certificate.

Why do I get a download reminder email if I've already downloaded it?
If at the time of issuing the idCAT, the system was running somewhat slowly and the operator refreshed the page to try to speed up the process, it is possible that he created two records of certificates pending download. Therefore, even if you have already downloaded the certificate, it may remind you that you have not yet done so. In any case, the certificate you downloaded is fully valid, and you can use it as normal. Since the system notifies you 7 and 21 days after the broadcast (if you haven't downloaded it), after this period you will no longer receive any communication about it.
Can I download the software certificate to my mobile?

Not directly. To be able to use your certificate in software (idCAT or T-CAT P), you must download it from a desktop computer or laptop. Mobile phone or tablet operating systems "don't know" how to save the downloaded certificate in the browser's certificate repository, so you won't find it when you want to use it.

What you can do is download the certificate to your desktop or laptop computer and make a copy to use from your mobile device. To do this, consult the manuals for iPhone/iPad , Android , Windows Mobile .