Requirements to consider:

  • The certificate is valid for 4 years.
  • The certificate must be in the renewal period
  • It can only be renewed online once every 5 years *.
  • 60 and 30 days before the expiry date, the system sends a communication from to the holder.
  • Your email manager may interpret this email as SPAM .
  • The certificate must be installed in the browser from which you access to do the renewal.
  • If the idCAT Certificate expires you will have to go in person to an idCAT Registration Entity to request it again.

*According to the General Certification Policy , if more than five years have passed since the last time the holder identified himself in person at a Registration Entity office, he will have to present himself again to carry out the renewal . For this reason, the online renewal process will only be possible once every 5 years.

Step 1 . Go to in the "Renew the certificate" section.

Step 2. Press the "next" button and the certificate selector will appear to select your idCAT in the renewal period.

Step 3. Review the certificate and contact details.

Step 4 . Click Download.

If you use Windows, depending on the browser used, you will be asked to "Save" or "Open" the file, click on "Save" so that it is saved in the location defined for your browser's downloads. In the case of using MAC and Safari, the browser will ask you if you want to allow or block the download of the file. Click "allow" to complete the download process.

Once done, you will see a message confirming that the download was successful:

Step 5. Install the .p12 or .pfx file of the renewed idCAT certificate following the installation instructions according to your operating system.