What rights do I have in relation to the LOPD?
The Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) establishes a series of rights of citizens in relation to their personal data. The appearance document that you sign with the idCAT Registration Entity informs you of your rights in relation to the LOPD. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by any of the following forms: a) by means of a written and signed communication enclosing a photocopy of your DNI or equivalent document addressed to the Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya-Àrea d ' Legal Advice and Inter-administrative Relations-, Tangier 98 (ground floor), 08018 Barcelona b) or through the electronic processing procedure established in the Personal data section of the website www.aoc.cat . In the request you should specify the following content: name and surname of the interested party, request with which the application is specified, date and address for notification purposes and, if appropriate, the documents accrediting the request.
What does the AOC do with the data I provide when an idCAT is issued?
The data you provide at the time of issuing the idCAT are necessary for the management of the certificate, as required by Law 59/2003 on Electronic Signatures. The data is stored by the system so that the certificate can be managed later, for example, if at any time you need to revoke it. In addition, the certificate data is contained in a database used by public administrations so that you can use idCAT with it. By the time you sign the appearance document, you accept this use of the data by the AOC Consortium.
What does the idCAT Registration Entity do with the photocopy of the supporting document that I deliver when the idCAT is issued?
An idCAT Registration Entity is an entity or department that acts on behalf of the AOC Consortium for the issuance of the idCAT certificate. One of the obligations of an idCAT Registration Entity is to diligently guard the documentation provided to it. The photocopy of the supporting document is part of your idCAT file and must be kept for a minimum of 15 years. The AOC Consortium, through the audits of the idCAT service that it regularly carries out in the idCAT Registration Entities, verifies that the treatment of the related documentation is correct. The only function of the photocopy of the document that you deliver at the time of issuing the digital certificate is to record that you went to the idCAT Registration Entity to issue or manage your idCAT.