The idCAT Certificate is a different system from the idCAT Mobile . For more information, you can consult the Differences between idCAT Certificate and idCAT Mobile .

The idCAT Certificate is a service that the AOC makes available to citizens (people over 18) so that they can identify themselves and sign digitally.

The certificate is installed in your browser while guaranteeing your identity on the Internet and allows you to access the different procedures and management offered by many public administrations, both Catalan and state. It also allows you to sign documents electronically.

With the idCAT Certificate you identify yourself with a high level of security, recognized and appropriate to current European regulations (European Regulation of Electronic Identification and Trust Services eIDAS)*.

It can be obtained from the different Registration Entities idCAT distributed throughout the Catalan territory. To obtain a digital certificate, it is necessary to go in person to validate the identity the first time it is requested.

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