The AOC Consortium and the Generalitat de Catalunya are promoting various digital identity services to make it easier to start procedures and management with the Administration. All these services use the idCAT brand (digital identity of Catalonia).

The idCAT Mobile and the idCAT Certificate are two systems that are completely independent and compatible with each other, that is to say, the fact of requesting one, if you already have the other, does not imply either the modification of the data or the annulment of the first. Below we explain the differences between the two systems:     

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I want to get the idCAT Mobile I want to get the idCAT Certificate

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  • idCAT Mobile : A digital identification system based on sending one-time passwords to the mobile phone.
    • Obtaining the idCAT Mobile:
    • Requirements: Citizens must be over 16 years old to apply for this identification system.
    • Security: it is a non-cryptographic identification service that provides a different level of guarantees depending on the registration (obtainment) process used:
      • Face-to-face or telematic registration with digital certificate: medium (substantial) level.
      • Online registration with information known only to the citizen and the Administration (identity document and health card data): low level.
      • Telematic registration with a selfie: medium level (substantial), once the information has been validated by an operator.
  • idCAT Certificate : it is the system based on a digital certificate in software.
    • Obtaining the dCAT Certificate:
      • To obtain this system, it is necessary to go in person to a Registration Entity as it requires checking the identity of the citizen on site. You can apply online on the idCAT digital certificate website and then go in person to prove your identity, or request it directly from the Registration Entity.
    • Requirements: the citizen must be over 18 years old to apply for this identification system.
    • Security: It is a cryptographic identification service that provides medium (substantial) level guarantees.                      

Obtain the idCAT Certificate  Get the idCAT Mobile
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