The suspension implies a temporary annulment of the certificate for a maximum of 120 days. During this period of time it can be reversed by requesting the authorization of the certificate from an idCAT Registration Entity. If at the end of this period, the certificate has not been activated, it will be automatically revoked. The suspension is necessary when the holder suspects that a third party may have had, or may have, access to his certificate, or he is certain of this, but cannot go to an idCAT Registration Entity to request the total disqualification of 'this (revocation). To suspend the idCAT certificate, call our User Service Center (900 90 50 90) and answer the secret question correctly (this question is asked by the citizen himself on the day of the idCAT application)

The revocation of the idCAT certificate implies its permanent annulment and must be requested from an idCAT Registration Entity in person. Find your idCAT Registration Entity at Where can I get the idCAT Certificate?

Note: If you've lost your idcat and found it again, the process by which a suspended certificate is made valid again so you can use it again is enablement. To do so, you must go in person to a registration entity, with your identity document.

Attention! The qualification must be carried out before 120 days, counting from the day on which the certificate was suspended. After this period it will automatically and irreversibly become "revoked".